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Ber-Oner Marble: A Legacy Built on Unearthing Turkey's Marble Riches (Since 1998)

From Quarry to Craftsmanship: A Passion for Turkish Marble

Ber-Oner Marble's story is intrinsically linked to the captivating world of Turkish marble. In 1998, recognizing the immense potential of this natural treasure, our company embarked on a remarkable journey. This vision led to the establishment of Ber-Oner Marble Inc. in 2003, following the creation of a state-of-the-art marble processing plant in Diyarbakir, Turkey.

A Network of Marble Quarries Spanning Turkey

Our dedication to showcasing the exceptional quality of Turkish marble goes beyond the factory floor. Ber-Oner Marble has meticulously built a network of over 20 marble quarries strategically located across Turkey. This extensive network allows us to:

Access a Diverse Range of Marble Varieties: From classic whites to dramatic veined patterns, our quarries offer a vast selection to suit any design requirement.
Ensure Consistent Quality: We maintain rigorous quality control measures at every stage, from extraction to processing, guaranteeing the finest marble for our clients.
Embrace Sustainable Practices: We are committed to responsible quarrying practices that minimize environmental impact.

More Than Just a Quarry: Expertise You Can Trust

Our team doesn't just extract marble; we are passionate about its potential. We possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in:

Marble Exploration: Our team utilizes advanced techniques to locate and evaluate potential marble deposits.
Sustainable Extraction Methods: We employ responsible practices to ensure the longevity of our quarries and minimize environmental impact.
Marble Selection and Processing: Our team's expertise allows us to select the finest marble blocks and process them to maximize their natural beauty.

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