Our Tete Company’s exploration group  is the managing partner and founder of the Ber-Oner Company “Ber-Oner” is a coined word made from first sylables of our family name Berkpinar and “Oner” who was a close friend of our father who founded the Ber-Oner company in 1987 and   headquartered in İstanbul since establishment, from the discovery of Sebinkarahsiar zinc mine in Blacksea region in the 1987s to Munella copper deposit in Albania(2001) and Emarat zinc deposit in Iran (2002), Tete Company’s exploration group  has a long history of successful global exploration and international mine development. A trader person  became a partner of Ber-Oner company starting in 1992 until 2005 there after due to his personal difficulties, we decided to split up with him in 2005.

The company’s exploration group  changed its name to  Tete Mining in 2005, that is established in honour of our late mining engineer collegue “Mr  Mustafa Tete” in 2005. Our Tete group’s current focus is on  exploration, principally in Balkans Region (Albania,Kosovo,Makedonia), Turkey and Central Asia with smaller programs in other highly prospective areas, on basic metal minerals: copper, zinc-lead and chromite.

Zinc deposit in Turkey, We have estabilished zinc project in Keban, Sebinkarahisar and Kale lead-zinc deposit in Turkey since 1987. The Sebinkarahisar  Mine was in production for 20 years and produced 2millions tons of ore.

From Founding to Global Success: Tete Mining, established in 1987 (formerly Ber-Oner), boasts a remarkable journey in international mine exploration and development.
Discovery Expertise: Our team has a proven track record of uncovering valuable mineral deposits worldwide, from the Black Sea region's Sebinkarahisar zinc mine (Turkey) to copper deposits like Munella (Albania, 2001) and Emarat zinc deposit (Iran, 2002).
Balkan Focus & Beyond: Tete Mining currently prioritizes exploration in the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia), Turkey, and Central Asia. We also maintain strategic programs in other promising regions, targeting base metals like copper, zinc-lead, and chromite.
Turkish Track Record: In Turkey, Tete Mining has a longstanding presence with established zinc projects in Keban, Sebinkarahisar, and the Kale lead-zinc deposit. Notably, the Sebinkarahisar Mine stands out for its impressive 20-year production period, yielding a staggering 2 million tons of ore.

Keban Zn & Pb (U/G) mine operated 1985-1988
Sebinkarahisar  Zn & Pb (U/G) mine operated 1986-2005
Kelkit Zn & Pb (U/G) mine operated 1989-1992
Amasya  Zn & Pb &Cu (U/G) mine operated 1991-1992
Develi budin Zn & Pb  (U/G) mine operated 1992-1993
Akdağmadeni (U/G) Zn Pb feasibility study 1994
Afşin Zn & Pb &Cu U/G) feasibility study 2002-2004
Hakkari Zn & Pb  (U/G) feasibility study 2002-2004
Balya  Zn & Pb feasibility study 2006-2007
Aladag Kayseri Zn & Pb  feasibility study  2007
Bayındır Izmir  Zn & Pb  feasibility study 2007
Zara, Imranli Sivas Zn & Pb &Cu feasibility study  2007
Sivas yıldızeli Zn & Pb &Cu feasibility study 2007
Dursunbey Balikesir Zn & Pb feasibility study  2007
Çanakkale Zn & Pb &Cu feasibility study 2007

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