Islamic Republic of Iran have many good reserves in metal and ametal mines. TETE R&D group have been explored this matter on its studies during of 2002 in Bandarabbas, Azerbaijan, Central Province, Gorgan. Based on R&D pre-studies and after on the vast studies on Emarat zinc and lead mine in Central Province Beroner have been realized another project in İran with the cooperation of domestic enterpreneures. Achivement of this attempt is converting of open pit producing of zinc and lead with poor assay of 7% (Pb+Zn in the best condition) to the underground production method with 11% assay (Zn+Pb in average and normal condition) and paralel to this the rehabilitation and renovation of Lekan Flotation Plant and developing of it production capasity from 150 tons per day feed to 450 tons per day feed.

Mining Activities in Iran (TeteElbruz)

The Group has mining experience in Iran since 2000. The first project done by the Group is the completion of exploration drilling in Emarat Zn-Pb mine, which is located in the city of Arak. They established the ore enrichment plant after the mine has become active.

Bama Gusfil lead-zinc mine is our second project in the country after Emarat Zn-Pb mine (Ber-Oner Tehran) project (2003-2006), which is located in isfahan city and belongs to Bama Co.


Zehabad poly-metal mine (Zn-Pb-Cu-Au-Ag) is our third project in the country, which is started in 2009. The Group purchased the concession rights of Zehabad Mine, which is located in Zehabad Village of Quazvin City in North-West of Tehran. This mine has been operated by a German company for 18 years (1960-1978), who has also established the ore enrichment plant.

The Group initially has completed the following works in the gold-bearing Zehabad Mine with its own financial and technical resources since 2009: Opening the mine, excavation of ramps and drift developments to reach lower levels of the mine, reserve confirmation based on data from underground drilling program. In the second phase, site permits were obtained to establish a processing plant and the construction of the tailings dam was started at the Zehabad mine project, in the plant, approximately 5.500 - 6.000,00 tons of concentrate will be produced per year during the mine life.

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