Activities in Spac Copper Mine, Albania (TeteAlb)

Albania, which is located in the Adriatic Coast, has a 28.000 km2 surface area with a population of approximately 3 million.  Our group has 10 years mining experience in Albania and we also have very close cultural similarities. Spac copper mine will be our second project in the country after BerAlb (Ber-Oner Albania) Munella copper project (2001-2006), which was taken over by our ex-partner after the split-up. After that, our group established TeteAlb, which is owned 100 percent by Tete Turkey, in 2007

Spac copper mine (the second largest copper mine after Munella copper in Albania) has 3.6 million tons geologic reserve with 2.8 million tons (with 1.2% Cu grade) recoverable reserve. The mine was operated since 1954 and 3 million tons of ore was mined in total. Albanian Government invested in the mine for more than 81.000 meters of drilling, excavation of 140 m deep internal shaft and 12.000 meters of drifting during the communist regime.

Even though Spac mine is technically ready for the ore production after new plant will be built at the mine site. 

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