Marble Plant

Ber-Oner Marble: A Legacy Built on a State-of-the-Art Marble Plant (Since 1998)

Harnessing Turkish Marble's Beauty with Advanced Technology

Ber-Oner Marble, a leading name in Turkish marble, boasts a rich history dating back to 1998. Our journey began with a vision to unlock the potential of Turkey's abundant marble resources. This vision culminated in the construction of a cutting-edge marble processing plant in Diyarbakir, Turkey. Inaugurated with the presence of esteemed dignitaries like President Demirel and Prime Minister Yilmaz, this impressive 7200 sqm facility housed a remarkable arsenal of Italian marble processing machinery.

A Pioneering Plant Paves the Way

This state-of-the-art marble plant played a pivotal role in Ber-Oner Marble's success. The advanced technology allowed us to:

Process a Wider Variety of Marble: The sophisticated machinery could handle diverse types of marble, enabling us to offer a broader selection to our clients.
Ensure Exceptional Quality: The precision engineering of the Italian equipment guaranteed consistent, high-quality marble products.
Increase Production Efficiency: With advanced technology, we could streamline production processes, leading to faster turnaround times and higher output.

Beyond the Plant: A Flourishing Business

While the marble plant provided the foundation, Ber-Oner Marble's success goes beyond technology. Our commitment to excellence extends to:

Extensive Quarry Network: We've established over 20 marble quarries across Turkey, ensuring access to a wide range of marble varieties.
Unwavering Expertise: Our team possesses extensive knowledge in marble exploration, extraction, and processing.

A Strategic Shift for Continued Growth

As our operations flourished, we recognized the need for specialization. In 2003, a strategic decision led to the creation of Ber-Oner Marble Inc., specifically dedicated to the marble industry. This allowed for a sharper focus and further growth within the sector.